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"Dangerous Waters"

by D. Chapelle

Play Synopsis 

Shady, evil, and dishonest villain Filmore Filcher uses various disguises and treacherous tactics to get his greedy paws on the Lovely Ranch, owned by beautiful Amy Lovely and her stalwart Aunt Aggie. Filcher and his not so silent partner, Morganna Snit, want to build a luxury resort and health spa catering to the very rich on the Lovely's ranch. Will the ladies see through Filcher and Morganna's sneaky scheming or will they lose everything? Only true-blue Hoot Galoot can save the girl he loves and her ranch but will he be in time?

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Cast Requirements:
Three females
Two Males
Running Time:
1 Hour 5 minutes
Rustic cabin interior
None required
Suni Suni Suni