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"The Silent Treatment"

by D. Chapelle

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Harlowe Hovelmonger is having a very bad year and it couldn't be happening to a more rotten guy. Hovelmonger owes a pile of money to bookies and bankers who mean business when it comes to collecting. To balance his books and pay off his debts he intends to throw the lovely and talkative Bethany Angel into the street with her sister Lilith. When he discovers Bethany is about to inherit a fortune he decides to take her as his wife and then take her fortune! Horrible Mr. Hovelmonger wagers Bethany will be unable to stay silent for one week. If she wins she keeps the family home and if she loses he takes her hand in marriage and her inheritance. Can Bethany's childhood sweetheart, and returning solider, Champ Braverman, save her? Or will this battle be one he can't win?

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Cast Requirements:
Three females
Two Males
Running Time:
1 Hour 5 minutes
The main room of a once happy and bright residence
None required
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