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Melodramas are widely popular entertainment events! They provide excellent fund-raisers for any organization. They can be performed in church basements, school gymnasiums, dance halls, or any space large enough to seat a few people with space for a stage. They require a minimum of set pieces and furniture and can easily and inexpensively be costumed by a visit to a thrift store. Melodramas are sure to be a hit with your organization! These melodramas have all been successfully produced in many theatre venues in many countries. A modest $35.00 royalty fee includes one reproducible script with a 20 copy limitation and permission for unlimited performances for a 365 day period. A spectacular value when compared with other publisher's royalty fees!

Classic Melodramas - With evil villains, beautiful heroines, and handsome heroes. (Play titles in blue denote classic melodramas.)

Gothic Melodramas - Classic Tales of Terror and Revenge... or is it Revenge and Terror? (Play titles in red denote gothic melodramas.)

Western Melodramas - Plenty of Mangy Varmits, Comely Womenfolk and Sculduggery! (Play titles in green denote western melodramas)

Twelve Character Play - Five females and seven males.

A schemer Comes to Beemer Shyster Craven arrives in town with the intention of starting a bogus bank and fleecing the townspeople of their deposits. Shyster is aided in his scheme by comely dance hall girl Bubbles O'Leary. Also arriving is Amy Meddler, who is an investigative reporter for the Omaha Tattler and Gus Gumshoe, a private detective.

Eleven Character Play - Four females and seven males.

North of West Point... The town of West Point Nebraska was founded in 1858 by John Neligh. During the process of establishing the township he was forced to deal with many interesting characters plus the costant threat of a Pawnee invasion coupled with extreme weather conditions.

Seven Character Plays - Four females and three males.

A Blunderhaven Christmas ... It's Christmas time at stately Blunderhaven Manor, where accident prone Sir Boris Blunderhaven lives with his not-so-nice sister, Bertha. Bertha is engaged to evil villain D. Maximus Dorkus, who wants her inheritance. Can maidW Betty Blooodhound, her husband Percival, heroine Lorna Doom, or nosy neighbor Gertrude join forces to thwaret Dorkus?

Hyde, Dr. Jekyll, Hyde ... Kindly Dr. Lazlo Jekyll, with his assistant Dr. Jonathan Marvel, is trying to discover a potion to bring out the best in mankind. What he discovers instead is the mean and wicked Mr. Hyde within himself.

Shootout At Sadie's Saloon ... It seems everybody in town wants Sadie Spencer and her sister Sally to get rid of their late father's saloon. Temperance movement stalwarts Hazel Hoochater and Prudence Purewater and notorious gambler Dirk Devious to name a few!

The Ghost Of Mystery Manor ... Does wealthy retiree Morris Prosper and his lovely daughter Modesty live in a haunted mansion? Their neighbor Sara Silverspoon and nosy reporter Melissa Slander both think so.

Six Character Plays - Three females and three males.

Border Bandits ... A thrilling tale of the old west about two bandits who are terrorizing Dismal County. It appears that a mysterious man and woman robber team have been holding up banks in the region, always one step ahead of the law.

Design For Disaster... Kay Arkay, founder and owner of Arkay Fashions, Inc., found a group of investors willing to become her partners. But the investors turn out to be the Corduroy brothers, Smert, Skip and Ed and, her problems are just beginning.

Fright In The Night... Spunky Heroine Nancy Nightingale is out to prove herself in the world. Her plan is to take her deceased gangster uncle's abandoned roadhouse and turn it into a successful and family friendly establishment.

Mary's Peril ...Sweet Mary Rodgers controls the business empire she inherited from her late father, Roger Rodgers. Roger's former partner, J.Alvin Acne, is scheming to take over the business. To accomplish this evil plan, he employes the services of a beautiful acccomplice, Mikki Finn.

Peril Of The Plains ... With the help of weak-willed Judge Wally Wessell and mean, nasty Sheriff Black Burt Bushwacker, the evil and greedy Medusa Dunnit has taken over the sleepy little town of Critter Crossing.

Ranger's Danger ... Someone is cutting down all of the trees in the forest and it's up to the Rangers and their pet skunk Spunky to stop him!

Revenge Of The Baron's Revenge ... The Baron returns once again to Muldavia to wreak havoc on Eddie and his lovely bride Emma. Can Constable Von Constable save them?

Rustlers Of Red Rock ... All is not well at the Circle D Wagons Ranch. Sweet and innocent ranch owner Blossom White, her mother Lily and faithful ranch hand Quiet Harry are working hard to keep the ranch solvent. Unfortunately they are plagued by rustler Black Bart Bushwacker!

Rustler's Revenge ... Villain Black Bart Bushwacker, leader of the vile gang of rustlers known as "The Rustlers of Red Rock" has escaped justice and gone back to his evil ways. Posing as sheriff Ringo Bushwacker, he plans his horrible revenge against nemisis Quiet Harry.

School Marm's Inn Danger ... Blackie La Roach descends on the village of Fritter Gulch to steal Molly Dewdrop's school money. Can Sheriff Wilbur Hewitt save the day?

School Marm's Inn Trouble ...Molly Dewdrop has finally finished planning her wedding to Biff Baxter. But Blackie La Roach returns to spoil the wedding, unless Biff can stop him!

School Marm's Matrimony Mayhem ... At long last, after many trials and tribulations, the wedding of lovely Schoolmarm Molly Dewdrop to her handsome fiancé Biff Baxter is about to take place. They have hired world famous wedding planner Calliope Hitchum.

Stop Thief! ... Ned Strong is attempting to save the town of Strongville from the spendthrift habits of brother Newt and marry beautiful Tess Bestheart in the process.

The Creeper Of Crestwood ... Kristine Crestwood returns to Crestwood estate to assume control of the family fortune only to encounter...the Creeper of Crestwood!

The Treacherous Troll ... Spam diamond, private eye, and his lovely girl friday Angel Eiffel are hired by femme fatale Gidget O’Malley to locate a proceless artifact.

The Villain of Mystery Island ... Amber Giving is running a rest spa on Mystery Island. Evil doctor Klaus Blitzmiester and his equally evil nurse Flouncy Von Bonbon are attempting to gain control of the business.

The Villain's Secret ... A lovely heroine and her equally lovely aunt are busy wrapping Christmas presents for an orphanage. Little do they realize that one of the presents places them in extreme danger!Perfect for Christmas!

Two Gun Junction ... Addison Adder and Alabama Betty are both in Two Gun Junction looking for runaway depertment store heiress Juliet Goodsworth. Handsome cowboy Mace Romerio is in town to save her.

Six Character Plays - Two females and four males.

Peril of the Polls ... The scene is Valentine, Nebraska where Wally Wessell is running for re-election as Governor with wife Daisy and daughter Mina. He is opposed by Hugh Beast (The name says it all).

Five Character Plays - Three females and two males.

Alone on the Range ... Johnny Sterling is a brave young cowboy out to find The Rattler; the vile bandit who bushwhacked his pal. Before Johnny can bring justice to a lawless land he needs to solve a few other problems.

B Mine Forever ... Lovely Melody Moonstruck, her good friend Priscilla Poorhouse, and handsome hero Digger Malone, all own gold mines. the evil villain known as Blackie trying to obtain the mines by hook or crook (Mostly crook).

By Hook or By Crook ...Wealthy tycoon Barton (Bat) Belfry, founder and owner of B. B. Buttonhooks International, has the same problem that many rich people have....he wants more wealth!

Case Closed ... Nice Guy Paul Pemberton is up to his neck in danger as sworn enemy, evil Smash Snarkley returns to try to wreck Paul's business and ruin his reputation forever!

Dangerous Curves Ahead ... Rick Reckless has developed an automobile that is so fast he is certain to win the big race. Rick's erstwhile rival, evil driver Crank Shaft, thinks otherwise!

Dangerous Waters ... Shady, evil, and dishonest villain Filmore Filcher uses various disguises and treacherous tactics to get his greedy paws on the Lovely Ranch, owned by beautiful Amy Lovely and her stalwart Aunt Aggie.

Foul Works at the Fireworks Factory ... Sweet and gentle Sunny Dey is looking forward to a wonderful new life with Fenton Finefellow. Finefellow is a fine fellow indeed and president of Fenton Finefellows Fireworks Factory.

Ghost of a Chance ... Smedly Flogharder owns everthing in town except the heart of beautiful May December, and she loves Todd McValiant. But Smedly is just getting started.

Goodbody's Gold ... Grammy Grumpree and her lovely daughter Sugar Goodbody own and operate the Earnest T. Goodbody Silver mine. Mr. Ignatz Fowler, a person of questionable scruples and evil purpose, plots to obtain the mine from the ladies.

Goodnight Goodheart ... Del Dunwright is a cowboy looking for honest work in a new-fangled world. At the Shady Oaks Rest Ranch he finds more than he was looking for. Prudence Goodhart, the lovely young ranch owner is on the verge of losing the family business.

Jenny Jones - Spy Catcher ... Evil spy Drat Gopherbreath is sending secret messages to his equally evil assistant, beautiful and dangerous H. D. Lamarr by means of letters to the advice column in the local newspaper.

Lights, Camera, Danger! ... Wally Wessel was once the puppet of evil politicians, but managed to help derail the crook's gravy train. Now Hollywood has come knocking to make a motion picture about the experience.

Menace At Midnight ... Evil mill manager Beau Bonik is after the promotion of a life time in the city of Excellence. All he needs to impress the big boss is the perfect bride. He decides to make one from scratch with Millie Sweetgum.

Mr. Meany Goes A-Courtin' ... M. E. Meany is the meanest man in Antler Point and he is also the richest. Meany is used to getting what he wants and what he wants is the hat maker's daughter Button Eversweet to be his bride.

Praried Treasure ... On board the riverboat "The Lazy Lady" evil banker Sirius Swindlemore and fearless river pirate Rex Flotsam are fighting a battle of good versus evil, and the hand of Sweet and courageous Sally Everafter, whose sole mission in life is freeing her father from prison.

Robber's Roost ... Ma Quigley runs a haven for criminals in the remote hills north of the Dismal River. All outlaws are welcome as long as they share their loot with Ma. Slowpoke Jones always seems to have loot to share while Slippery Sam Sidewinderis always broke.

Showdown At Sundown... Shady, evil and dishonest doin's are being done at Luke Lavender's Log Lodge. Luke Lavender's evil plan is to use sweet and innocent mail order bride Annie Pleasant to make a killing!

The Bankers Ours ... The roof is about to blow off the Oldergeezer State Bank when the bad guy, Wilberforce "Typhoon" Hotstove, moves in to take over the bank!

The Dastardly Director (Also known as Nickelodian Knaves) ... Dastardly silent movie producer Brimstone T. Lemmon's plan is to cheat Mr. Edison out of his equipment royalties and the fine people of Los Angeles into making his movies for free!

The Dean's Deception ... Sneaky Dean Mean, has a plan to become the big man on campus His evil scheme includes heartbreak for beautiful Professor Antoinette Antonym

The Hard Working Hardy Girl ... Rosie Hardy is a hard working Hardy Girl at the Hardy House. Rosie was orphaned as an infant and the women of the Hardy House adopted her and raised her as their own. Into her happy life comes the handsome painter Billy Charming, who has a secret.

The Phantom Of Darkgrove...Dottie and Dexter Darkgrove will do anything to insure that the lion's share of the Darkgrove estate goes to them. While son Aykroyd Darkgrove has his troubles with the law.

The Rose of Dismal Flats ... Sweet, innocent, Rose Hopemoore wants nothing more than to be a great actress like her mother but infamous producer Uriah Flackhacker has other plans for her!

The Scoundrel Of Dagger Gulch ... Preston Goodly, strong and true assistant territorial prosecutor is rushing to save the good people of Dagger Gulch from a great evil.

The Silent Treatment ... Harlowe Hovelmonger is having a very bad year. To balance his books and pay off his debts he intends to throw the lovely and talkative Bethany Angel into the street with her sister Lilith.

Three Tickets To Timberwolf ... Ma Luscious and her little band of thespians (actors, that is) have purchased three train tickets to the west to find their fortunes and a new life. Lucifer P. Bogus is anxious to get their property to open a den if inequity.

Train To Danger ... Railroad heiresses Faith, Hope and Charity Pullman are stranded in a snowstorm at the railroad station of Hidden Gulch. Tom Truetrack is the handsome engineer on the train.

Two Gun Junction ... Smarmy Lawyer Addison Adder has come to Two Gun Junction in search of Juliet Goodsworth, the runaway heiress to the Goodsworth Company empire. Juliet has taken a sales position in Suze Frienly's general store, where Addison has found her.

Wings Of Fire! ... Macarthur (Crash) McCarthy, dashing ace stunt pilot, meets lovely female wing walker, Wendy Wingnut, at the annual fly-in at Scribner and love is in bloom.

Five Character Plays - Three males and two females.

Pelican Pete's Amazing Feat ... Maude Spickard,proprieter of the general store in Stafford,Kansas is constantly harassed by Muscrat Pete Winchester, editor Nate Reese, alias notorious Hogwash Harry, lovely heiress Nora Larrabee and handsome trapper Pelican Pete who all have their reasons for frequenting the store.

Peril of the Storm ... On a dark and stormy night Governor Wally Wessel and his bodyguard, Trooper Duper take refuge at Moldmaster Manor, a spooky old house inhabited by wealthy Mordred Moldmaster.

The Troll of Trafalgar... A priceless artifact known as the golden Troll of Trafalgar has been lost for over one hundred years.  The previous rumored owners have all fallen victim to horrible ends. Now the Troll has fallen into the hands of Michelle McGee.

The Baron's Revenge ... The great great grand-nephew of the infamous Doctor has grown tired of his colleagues and the scornful public at large. In his insane desire for revenge, and with the assistance of his evil assistant Rogi,he has stitched together a new monster.

Four Character Play - Two Females and Two Males. Designed for the dinner train.

Choo-Choo Chicanery ... Barton Balderdash is attempting to gain control of the Elkhorn Valley Railroad by sabotaging their passenger trains which results in drastically increasing their insurance rates.

Four Character Play - Three Females and One Male. Designed for the dinner train.

She wouldn't Harm a Fly ... Multi-millionaire Barton S. Balderdash is travelling to Fremont Nebraska with his new bride, the former Tizzy Ditherspoon. An unscrupulous villainess named Dementia Dismal is plotting to steal away their fortune! Hot on her trail is Canadian detective Marcie Moonglow.

Two adaptations of works from the master of suspense, Edgar Allen Poe, are now available. One is designed for radio and the other for stage.

Poe On The Radio ....Contains six spine tingling tales adapted from Edgar Allan Poe for radio production. Few writers have matched Edgar Allan Poes dark imagination and Poe On The Radio brings the thrills and chills of Poe to life on the air.

NEW! We now offer individual Poe Radio Plays for only $15.00 each:

Ligeia Ligeia; the story of a man haunted and possessed by a lost love.

Masque of the Red Death The Masque of the Red Death finds the ultimate party crasher is Death.

Never Bet the Devil your Head Never Bet the Devil Your Head is a darkly funny story about using caution when you speak.

The Cask Of Amontillado The Cask of Amontillado tells the tale of ego fueled rage and a terrible revenge.

The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar is creepy little story about hypnotism.

The Tell - Tale Heart The Tell-Tale Heart finds a faithful servant driven to madness and an unspeakable crime.

A Very Dark Evening With Mr. Edgar Allan Poe....  Contains five spine tingling tales adapted from Edgar Allan Poe for stage production.

NEW! We now offer individual Poe stage Plays for only $15.00 each:

Ligeia Ligeia; the story of a man haunted and possessed by a lost love.

Masque of the Red Death The Masque of the Red Death finds the ultimate party crasher is Death.

Never Bet the Devil your Head Never Bet the Devil Your Head is a darkly funny story about using caution when you speak.

The Cask Of Amontillado The Cask of Amontillado tells the tale of ego fueled rage and a terrible revenge.

The Tell - Tale Heart The Tell-Tale Heart finds a faithful servant driven to madness and an unspeakable crime.

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