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"A Schemer Comes to Beemer"

by John Burkhart

Play Synopsis 

Shyster Craven arrives in Rock Creek with the intention of starting a bogus bank and fleecing the townspeople of their deposits, then escaping with his ill-gotten gains. He meets with opposition from Allen Beemer, one of the founders and a principal developer of the town. Allen has plans to build a bank of his own. Shyster is aided in his scheme by comely dance hall girl Bubbles OLeary, who uses her charms to obtain deposits for Shysters First National Bank of the Purple Prairie from townspeople George Canfield, John Reike, Carsten Brandt and Dan Murray. Also arriving in Rock Creek is Amy Meddler, who is an investigative reporter for the Omaha Tattler and Gus Gumshoe, a private detective who has been hired by the Territorial Banking association to determine Shysters whereabouts. Two Women's Suffrage movement stalwarts are also in town with a petition to allow women to vote and meet considerable opposition from all of the male citizens.

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Cast Requirements:
Five females
Seven Males
Running Time:
1 Hour 15 minutes
Rustic cabin interior
Several antique rifles or shotguns
Suni Suni Suni