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"The Cask of Amontillado"

by Edgar allen Poe

Adaptation for theatre by D. Chapelle

An Excerpt:

FORTUNATO: Onward!!!
MONTRESOR: Careful, my friend, you seem unsteady.
(Cross fade lights to Old Montresor.)
OLD MONTRESOR: The bells upon his cap jingled as we walked. We came at length to the foot of the descent, and stood together upon the damp ground of the Montresor catacombs.
(Cross fade lights to Montresor and Fortunato.)
FORTUNATO: Are we there yet?
MONTRESOR: We are closer.
FORTUNATO: The cask! Where is the cask of this … this supposed Amontillado?
MONTRESOR: Fortunato? You’re eyes?
FORTUNATO: What? What’s the matter … (Coughs.) … What’s the matter with my eyes?
MONTRESOR: They seem to be a bit, just a bit mind you … a bit glazed.
FORTUNATO: And what of it?
MONTRESOR: You aren’t already intoxicated are you?
FORTUNATO: What? Nothing … nothing of the sort. I … I am quite sober.
MONTESOR: We could easily do this tomorrow when you are feeling more … more up to it, shall we say.
FORTUNATO: It’s the firelight in my eyes and nothing … (Coughs.) … nothing more. Never mind! Now are we going or shall we stand and chatter in the damp? (Coughs roughly and deeply.)
MONTRESOR: My dear Fortunato let us return. I am very concerned for your health. I do not think you should be down here in this dank and damp air.
FORTUNATO: (Coughing.) It is nothing!
MONTRESOR: Your health is precious! Come, we will go back.
FORTUNATO: We press forward, my friend!