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"The Cask of Amontillado"

by Edgar allen Poe

Adaptation for radio by D. Chapelle

An Excerpt:

MONTRESOR: I … I am distracted by carnival.
ENRICO: Yes, Lord Montresor.
MONTRESOR: You are dismissed, Enrico. Thank you.
(Door closing and footsteps walking away.)
ANGELINA: (Hurriedly.) Rico … Rico, does he really expect us to just sit here while the carnival is in full spirit?
ENRICO: He expects us to do as we are instructed as he is our employer.
ANGELINA: But Rico, the carnival!
ENRICO: Angelina, we have our instructions.
ANGELINA: Rico, I have something to tell you.
ENRICO: I am sure it is of no importance.
ANGELINA: Did you lay out his costume for the evening?
ENRICO: I always do.
ANGELINA: Then was it you who laid out the mason’s trowel with the costume?
ENRICO: I am sure I don’t know what you are talking about.
ANGELINA: With his costume is a mason’s trowel. Strange isn’t it?
ENRICO: Angelina, it is none of our concern.
ANGELINA: Then tell me, Rico, are you going to be a man and enjoy yourself this evening or a servant.
ENRICO: It is possible to be both, my Angelina.
ANGELINA: Possibly for some … Why do you suppose the master is forcing us to miss the carnival?
ENRICO: It is not our place to question.
ANGELINA: The master is punishing us because he is still upset over the nonsense with Lord Fortunato.
ENRICO: That … is none of our concern.