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"Choo-Choo Chicanery

By John Burkhart

Play Synopsis 

Barton Balderdash is attempting to gain control of the Elkhorn Valley Railroad by sabotaging their passenger trains which results in drastically increasing their insurance rates. His dirty work consists of cutting the brake line on one of the passenger dining cars, which in turn causes the entire train to lose brake pressure. While riding the train to Fremont, Nebraska, he meets Ted Trustworthy, a railroad detective assigned to investigate the sabotage and bring the perpetrator to justice. When Ted starts his search for the criminal, he encounters Modesty Faithful, enterprising owner of a food catering service. Modesty is eager to obtain a contract to provide meals for passengers on the Elkhorn Valley Railroad. Both Ted and Balderdash are smitten by her beauty and compete for her hand. Also, Tizzy Ditherspoon is on board the train fulfilling her duties as Balderdashs long-suffering secretary. Can Tom stop Balderdash from succeeding in his evil scheme? Will Modesty find true love on her journey? And is Tizzy really who she says she is? Watch Choo-Choo Chicanery and find out!

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Cast Requirements:
Two females
Two Males
Running Time:
1 Hour 5 minutes
Railroad passenger car interior
2 identical briefcases
Suni Suni Suni