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"Mary's Peril"

by D. Chapelle

Play Synopsis 

Sweet Mary Rodgers controls the business empire she inherited from her late father, Roger Rodgers. Roger's former partner, J.Alvin Acne, is scheming to take over Mary's share of the business. To accomplish this evil plan, he employes the services of a beautiful acccomplice, Mikki Finn. Investigating the strange dissapearance of Mary's brother, Roger Jr., is handsome Sheriff Horace Witless and his companion, Sidekick Jones. They hope faithful house servant Ida Dustmore can supply clues that will help them find Roger Jr.  Will Horace be able to save Sweet Mary from the evil clutches of Acne? See "Mary's Peril" and find out!

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Cast Requirements:
Three females
Three Males
Running Time:
1 Hour 5 minutes
Mansion interior. Elegant furniture
None required
Suni Suni Suni