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"Never Bet The Devil Your Head"

by Edgar Allen Poe

Adapted for The Stage by D. Chapelle

Play Synopsis 

The first part of this short comedy is a narrative that serves to make you wonder if Poe is talking about himself. The narrator describes his friend Toby Dammit whose favorite phrase is, "I'll bet the Devil my head!" In the story, the narrator and his friend are taking a walk in the country, when they come to an old covered bridge with a turnstile in the centre. Dammit claims he can leap over it using his favourite epithet of "betting the devil his head". As he prepares to leap, a strange little man appears...

Script Excerpt
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Cast Requirements:
Four men and two women.
Costume Requirements:
Cyrus - Gray Suit, White Shirt, Blue Tie.
Cynthia - Mid-length Navy Blue Pencil Skirt, Blue Jacket, Red Blouse.
Waiter - Black Slacks, Power Blue Oxford Shirt, Apron.
Mrs. Dammit - Rumpled House Dress, Stained Full Sized Apron, Fuzzy Slippers.
Toby - Red Seersucker Shirt, Khaki Slacks.
Carlisle - Black Suit, White Shirt, Black String Tie, Black Apron.
Set & Props:
Table for 4
2 Chairs
Blue & White Gingham Table Cloth
Vase and Flowers
Us News & World Report
2 Water Glasses