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"Pelican Pete's Amazing Feat"

by John Burkhart

Play Synopsis

The scene is a general store interior in Stafford, Kansas. Proprieter Maude Spickard is constantly harassed by Muskrat Sam Winchester, a local trapper, who is in love with her. Ma is being helped in her store by heiress Nora Larabee, whos family owns the local flour mill. Nate Reese, alias notorious Hogwash Harry, is posing as the editor of the town newspaper while plotting to rid the town of the Larrabee family. Then there is Pelican Pete, a local trapper who is notorious for his tremendous appetite. He falls in love with Nora while attempting to save her and her family from Hogwash's evil plot.

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Cast Requirements:
Two females
Three Males
Running Time:
1 Hour
General store interior
None required