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"The Scoundrel of Dagger Gulch"

by D. Chapelle

Play Synopsis 

In a lonely train station, four miles from the middle of nowhere, a group of strangers meet. Preston Goodly, strong and true assistant territorial prosecutor is rushing to save the good people of Dagger Gulch from a great evil which has settled over their sleepy little town. Headed home to save her father and her family name is the lovely and head-strong Daisy Darling. Pretty and plucky Rita Wigglesmore is trying to save her fiancé Horace, while lurking in the shadows is Dirk Dagger, the most evil man in the west, who is out to destroy them all. Will Preston be able to stop...The Scoundrel of Dagger Gulch?

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Cast Requirements:
Three females
Two Males
Running Time:
1 Hour 15 minutes
Train passenger terminal waiting room
None required
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