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"Train to Danger"

By John Burkhart

Play Synopsis 

Railroad heiresses Faith, Hope and Charity Pullman are stranded in a snowstorm at the railroad station of Hidden Gulch. Tom Truetrack is the handsome engineer assigned to see to their safety during the trip home. Simon Sidetrack, a villain of the worst sort, is plotting to gain control of the railroad by marrying Faith, the oldest sister. But Faith spurns his advances, so he plots to have her removed temporarily while he passes forged documents at their bank and absconds with all of their inheritance money, but Charity overhears his plot, so he has to remove her too. Can Tom thwart his evil plans and save Faith, Hope and Charity on The Train To Danger?

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Cast Requirements:
Three females
Two Males
Running Time:
1 Hour 10 minutes
Train station interior with waiting benches
Train station interior with waiting benches
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