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"Wings of Fire!"

by John Burkhart

Play Synopsis 

Macarthur (Crash) McCarthy, dashing ace stunt pilot, meets lovely female wing walker Wendy Wingnut at the annual fly-in at Scribner and love is in bloom. Crash has a famous barnstorming airplane act while Penny is part of an equally famous wing-walking act with her partner, daffy Poppy (Popped) Rivetts. But his jealous rival, Delbert D. Dorkmiester, with the aid of his girl friend, Ursula Undercarriage, has plans to sabotage their planes so he can win the grand prize at the fly-in. Poppy discovers their evil plot but is kidnapped by Bash and Ursula. Can she escape in time to warn the others and save the day? See "Wings Of Fire" and find out!

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Cast Requirements:
Three females
Two Males
Running Time:
1 Hour
Hangar workshop interior
None required
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