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"A Blunderhaven Christmas"

by John Burkhart

Play Synopsis

It's Christmas time at Blunderhaven Manor. The stately Mansion is currently occupied by Sir Boris Blunderhaven and his younger sister Bertha. Sir Boris is determined to thwart the efforts of evil villain D. Maximus Dorkus to marry Bertha and thus get his greedy hands of her share of the Blunderhaven fortune. Boris is engaged to marry his true love, wealthy Lorna Doom. He has hired detective Betty Bloodhound, posing as the maid, to act as his bodyguard while investigating Dorkus. Nancy is secretly married to butler Percival Gumshoe, also employed by the Blunderhavens. Also interested on the fortunes of the family is very curious neighbor Gertrude Gossipmonger. who is constantly visiting the Manor. Can the combined forces of the detectives and the nosy neighbor assist Boris in foiling Dorkus? Purchase "A Blunderhaven Christmas" to find out!

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Cast Requirements:
Four females
Three Males
Running Time:
1 Hour 20 minutes
Mansion interior with Christmas decorations
Christmas presents
Suni Suni Suni