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"Dangerous Curves Ahead"

By John Burkhart

Play Synopsis 

Rick Reckless, handsome sprint car driver, has developed an automobile that is so fast he is certain to win the big race. He hopes to use the prize money to buy an engagement ring for his girl friend Hermoine Hubcap, heiress to the fabulous Hubcap buggy manufacturing empire. Rick's erstwhile rival, evil driver Crank Shaft, employs a beautiful henchwoman, Plush Seatcover, to distract Rick while he sabotages Rick's car. Hermoine happens upon them while Plush is flirting with Rick and is crushed to learn of Rick's infidelity. Can Rick convince the woman he loves that his love is true, and thwart Crank's sabotage?

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Cast Requirements:
Three females
Two Males
Running Time:
1 Hour 20 minutes
Early 1900s repair shop with antique auto centerpiece
Repair tools
Suni Suni Suni