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"School Marm's Inn Danger"

by D. Chapelle

Play Synopsis 

Big things are happening in the little town of Fritter Gulch. Much-loved school marm Molly Dewdrop is about to open her brand new school, bought and paid for with part of her Grand British Isle Sweepstakes money. Opening day is also the day the double wedding of Molly and her beloved Biff Baxter and Biff's sister to former telegraph man and now new sheriff Wilbur Hewitt is scheduled. But before that can happen the school and Molly must make the grade with the stern school inspector Tilla DeHon. Lurking in the shadows is dastardly, lollipop stealing, felon first class Blacky LaRoach and his equally evil brother Lefty. Their vile plan....cruel vengeance!

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Cast Requirements:
Three females
Three Males
Running Time:
1 Hour 15 minutes
Western hotel lobby interior
A large fisherman's landing net
Suni Suni Suni