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"She Wouldn't Harm a Fly"

By John Burkhart

Play Synopsis 

Multi-millionaire Barton S. Balderdash is travelling to Fremont Nebraska with his new bride, the former Tizzy Ditherspoon, to establish a charity orphanage and children's hospital there. Balderdash was formerly a villain of the worst (yes worst) sort who was attempting to monopolize the rail industry by hook or crook. (Mostly crook.) During a visit to one of his many railroad acquisitions, he fell off a passenger car, striking his head severely and suffering a concussion along with complete amnesia. His long-suffering secretary Tizzy nursed Balderdash back to health and in the process fell in love with him. They were soon married, and now Tizzy and Barton spend their lives doing charity work. In their devotion to each other and their good deeds, they are completely unaware that an unscrupulous villainess named Dementia Dismal, under the alias of Dorothy Devine, is plotting to steal away their fortune! Hot on her trail is Canadian detective Marcie Moonglow, who has trailed Dorothy all the way from Moose Droppings Saskatchewan. It seems Dementia is an escaped convict who was serving a long sentence there for stealing money from a widows and orphans fund.

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Cast Requirements:
Three females
One Male
Running Time:
1 Hour 15 minutes
Passenger train dining car interior
2 drink glasses. 2 "Groucho" disguises, 2 large ladie's sun hats & 2 iron frying pans
Suni Suni Suni