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"Showdown at Sundown"

by D. Chapelle

Play Synopsis 

Shady, evil and dishonest doin's are being done at Luke Lavender's Log Lodge. Luke Lavender, the type of snake in the grass that gives snakes a bad name and his slinky girl friend Belladonna Slither are making money hand over fist at the lodge, but for Lavender that isn't enough! His evil plan is to use sweet and innocent mail order bride Annie Pleasant to make a killing! Enter Sam Steadfast, handsome and brave rancher, who falls in love with Annie at first sight. Sam is broken hearted when he discovers that Annie is to marry another. Will Sam and Good-hearted lady mule-skinner Carbine Molly Muldoon be able to save Annie or will there be a... Showdown At Sundown.

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Cast Requirements:
Three females
Two Males
Running Time:
1 Hour 15 minutes
Western lodge interior with rustic furniture
None required
Suni Suni Suni