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"The Treacherous Troll"

By D. Chapelle

Play Synopsis 

Spam Diamond is a slightly shopworn private eye with his own odd code of ethics who always manages to do the right thing thanks to his faithful secretary Angel Eiffel. The Troll of Trafalgar is a treasure so rich it could, and has, turned good men bad. Now Noel Alexandria, a nasty gangster, and Gidget O’Malley, a beautiful and treacherous woman whose loyalties shift at the drop of a dime, are darkening Spam’s door hot on the trail of the fabulous wealth that is The Troll. They will do anything to have The Troll as their own. Will Spam be able to save the day and his lovely secretary Angel before it’s too late? The Treacherous Troll is a silly family friendly take on classic film noir detective tales and a prequel to The Troll of Trafalgar.

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Cast Requirements:
Three females
Three Males
Running Time:
1 Hour 15 minutes
Sparse, seedy office interior
None required